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Modern life turning people off sex?

Have you seen the BBC news article titled ‘Modern life turning people off sex’ yesterday It describes the findings of a once in a decade poll of 15,000 brits enquiring about the number of times they’re having sex per month. Significantly, it is the first time since the poll began that a reduction in the frequency people are having sex has been registered. Dr Cath Mercer from University College London was quoted as saying “…we also think modern technologies are behind the trend too. People have tablets and smartphones and they are taking them into the bedroom, using Twitter and Facebook, answering emails.” I am not surprised by these findings as they confirm what my clients have been reporting more and more during relationship counselling. Couples can easily spend the whole evening side by side on the sofa each on their smartphone or tablet hardly saying a word to each other. When people are tired at the end of the day, this is easy entertainment requiring minimum effort and certainly no ‘real’ human interaction. Not exactly a turn on, is it? Things get worse when technology gets in the bedroom, as people tend to fall asleep on their phone/tablet instead of turning to each other for a cuddle. So if you’re in bed reading this, maybe something to think about?

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